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High strength steel has greater tensile strength (yield strength) than mild steel. To make high strength steel add silicon, manganese, nickel, and chromium into carbon steel. High strength steel usually have approximately over 50kg/mm2 of tensile strength.
As per their tensile strength classify grades 60kg/㎟, 80kg/㎟, 100kg/㎟ and 120kg/㎟. Usually when their tensile strength are over 50kg/㎟ for hot rolling and 35kg/㎟ for cold rolling we call it high strength steel.

High strength steel plate offers better durability with thinner gauges that gives opportunity to lowering down costs. With its superb weldability and formability high strength steel plates frequently used in auto industry, construction, civil engineering, metal work and heavy industry and demands are constantly increasing.

• Available Thickness and dimension
- Thickness: 2.0T – 100T
- Width: 1400 – 2500
- Both Coil and plate form available.
** Sizes above is on request.