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High strength steel plates can welded by all the conventional methods

- MAG method (Metal Active Gas)
- MMA method (Manual Metal Arc)
-TIG method (Tungsten Inert Gas)
- Plasma method
- Submerged Arc method

It is also can be welded with other method that not mentioned above. MAG method is widely used because MAG welding method can be easily automated and increase productivity.

1) It is recommended that arc length as short as possible.
2) Weaving will impair heat input required for welding. If weaving is applied, the width of weaving must be less than 1.5 times rod    diameter.
3) In case of SMAW for 60kg/mm2 and over grade, please adopt the Temper Bead Methods,
4) Slag removal is not easy for low hydrogen type electrode, particularly compared to ilmenite type or cellulose type, but it is requested to    do it by all means. Pre-heating helps to remove ilmenite type.
5) In case of submerged-arc welding, phenomena such as embrittlement and softening at heat-affected zone must be considered.
6) Besides pre-heating, the control of interlayer temperature is recommended.

Post Weld Heat Treatment High strength steel plates exhibit outstanding welded-joint toughness in the as-welded condition, so they do not require post-weld heat treatment to recover toughness. Quenched and tempered plates may be post weld heat treated, if necessary, at temperatures not exceeding the tempering temperature.